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Nexsan is a global data storage and information security company featuring products and solutions to help organizations and individuals manage and protect data.

Purpose-built storage solutions, because one size does not fit all.

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About Nexsan

For more than 20 years, Nexsan has built a reputation for highly reliable, cost-effective storage designed to serve specific use cases and business demands for IT professionals who demand storage suited to their needs.

Nexsan products are “purpose-built," meaning product design starts by understanding the diverse workloads in customers’ environments. Because these workloads often vary, Nexsan offers a broad line where each product has clear intent and exceptional value. Nexsan's new Unified Storage solution adds capabilities that transform storage from a routine requirement into a business advantage with optional data archiving. This provides cost savings with primary storage offload and unmatched security and standards compliance.

Nexsan promises purpose-built storage with innovation that matters, reliability to let you sleep well and pricing to fit your always-constrained budget.

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