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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

IBM Turbonomic

Automatically maintain your IT assets. Anywhere, anytime.

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Who is IBM Turbonomic?

Arrow knows that the biggest virtualization challenge your customers face is how to ensure the performance of mission-critical applications while getting the most out of their virtualized environment. It’s a very complex problem – and a delicate balancing act.

IBM Turbonomic solves this problem by delivering an Intelligent Workload Management solution for cloud and enterprise virtualization environments with the goal of helping customers maximize and continue to expand their virtualization deployment. By using an economic scheduling engine, they can dynamically adjust your customers’ resource allocations to meet their business goals. The core founding team that started IBM Turbonomic in 2009 realized that the rapid growth of virtualization in the datacenter was redefining the management requirements for companies of all sizes.

Launched in 2009, IBM Turbonomic is one of the fastest-growing privately held technology companies, trusted by thousands of enterprise organizations to maximize the value of their IT investments, on-premises and in public cloud.

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