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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Droplet Computing

Droplet Computing offers containerization products for delivering applications to any physical endpoint or cloud.

Containers that offer compatibility, security and compliance


About Droplet Computing

Droplet Computing develops innovative software solutions based on their patent-pending container technology that enables fully featured applications to run on multiple device platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux — even if the operating system on a device does not normally support those applications.

Droplet also protects server environments with their NeverTrust™ container model that blocks all inbound traffic and locks the client and server side together, encrypting traffic between them protecting against zero day attacks and enabling protection for modern and legacy operating systems, such as Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012.

What makes Droplet's container solution different from other containers is that they do not require you to be connected to the cloud to run your applications. Your applications run locally on your device online, as well as offline. Droplet's solutions enable you to focus on being productive on the device of your choice without any loss of features, functionalities or familiarity.


Arrow and Droplet Computing

Arrow's knowledgeable and experienced team can assist you in successfully selling and delivering Droplet solutions. We offer help at every stage of the journey by:

  • Providing access to ideal target partners across SPs, CSPs and MSPs
  • Equipping you with the insights you need to sell more solutions across a range of sectors and several different use cases
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete Droplet's offerings
  • Generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Offering a full portfolio of consultancy services from pre-sales assessments to solution design, support and training

Let Arrow get you started with Droplet Computing today!


About Droplet Containers

Droplet containers are a software-based container solution that works by taking applications and installing them inside a containerized environment. In turn, this containerized environment is delivered to the end-device. Once delivered, the container has the ability to run either online or offline, offering a semi-connected solution.

As applications are running securely within the Droplet Computing Container, the container can run independently of the device’s underlying operating system, and even its chipset, allowing the freedom of device choice — even if the device doesn’t run that application natively.

More importantly, the device itself is not modified in any way, and neither are the applications. For example, a full Windows version of Microsoft Visio could be run on a Mac.


Ideal end-customer profile

  • Enterprise
  • Military
  • Government
  • Companies that have been established for more than 10 years with 1,000+ users
Hyperconvergence Dell Technologies

Sales questions to ask end-customers

  • Do you still have legacy applications?
  • Are you failing your compliance audits?
  • Are you still running a 2003 or 2008 server?

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