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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Financing solutions for IT providers and end-user customers

Here are some of the ways that we can help.


Energy sector

When a leading U.S. energy sector company had to renew their cyber security software ELA, but needed to conserve capital to procure additional compute for an anticipated increase in data usage, we set up a first payment deferral on a software payment contract, which allowed them to match budget and usage needs.


Employee benefits company

We helped an employee benefits company in the Northeast fund a cloud recovery software solution to help them simplify and modernize their backup and recovery applications and process. With quarterly payments on a one-year license, this $10 million deal went off without a hitch.


National financial services company

A national financial services company needed to preserve capital, so we offered spread payments for their cyber security renewal over the usage period of the licenses. To simplify the sales motion, we crafted a private label contract in the IT provider's name to their end-customer and helped them fund this multimillion-dollar deal while saving money.


Public sector

In order to enhance endpoint security for their workforce, a public sector customer needed to renew and upgrade $5 million worth of cyber security software. After creating a heavily negotiated and condensed contract with non-appropriation language, a multiyear deal with three annual payments was created.


National supermarket chain

When a national supermarket chain in Canada needed to procure a large network security solution to protect sensitive data but did not account for it in the budget, we were able to defer their first payment, and established a payment plan, including a step payment structure to match their budget needs.


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