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Modernize organizations and leave the spreadsheet behind

August 11, 2023

Organizations need a single source financial truth

Change is the one constant companies can count on

The last few years have taught the businesses of the world a lot about what the future needs to look like. Agility must be intrinsic for a company to survive volatility across geographies, marketing dynamics, economies, supply chains and more. Companies still running their finance department with static spreadsheets will struggle to make the transformation.

Achieve a single source of truth with IBM Planning Analytics

Organizations need a single source of truth that all units in the business can trust to drive smart, timely decisions and allow them to pivot as situations change. IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution that provides the centralized, comprehensive view into the organizations that businesses need to make faster, better financial decisions — delivered in a solution that's cloud-based, intuitive to use and supports native spreadsheet integration.

Planning, forecasting and scenario analysis — powered by AI

IBM Planning Analytics leans on AI, ML, predictive analytics and other advanced technologies to use data from a variety of sources, including finance, HR, sales, marketing and logistics, to provide deeper more robust insights for planning and near real-time forecasts. AI-backed features also incorporate evolving trends and predictive insights so business users can explore useful "what if" scenarios.

Cross-pollination strengthens the business

Traditional, static financial approaches to planning result in silos and different functions doing their own thing. There's power in aligning those silos and unlocking visibility and collaboration across departments for better planning and successful execution of product and service launches, marketing initiatives, business process modernization and more.

Cloud delivered through AWS

IBM Planning Analytics is available as a cloud-delivered solution through AWS, making it easy to manage, scale and keep close to customer data in the cloud. This aligns with the cloud-based, OpEx models that customers are increasingly choosing and supports flexibility for cyclical planning and other events that spike user connectivity and computation.

Achieve IBM success with Arrow Solutions Lab

Arrow is aligned with IBM and here to support our partners' success with IBM solutions. That includes accelerating partner wins with IBM Planning Analytics through our Arrow Solutions Lab. Arrow technical experts are on hand to help across the lifecycle of opportunities to facilitate multi-vendor demos and POCs, hands-on expert training and enablement and onsite workshops and events to show your prospects and customers the power of IBM solutions such as IBM Planning Analytics. We can also help you prepare for custom deployments to better prove potential business outcomes.

Partners experience a 55% close rate when using Arrow's Solutions Lab.

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Arrow and IBM

Become an IBM channel partner through Arrow and leverage their advanced technologies, open doors to new opportunities and accelerate sales outcomes.

To learn more about IBM Planning Analytics, please see IBM's Wall Street Journal article and watch this overview video.

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