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Maximize engagement and sales with HPE GreenLake and CloudPhysics

June 29, 2023

Kickstart your HPE CloudPhysics and HPE GreenLake conversations and become your customer's trusted advisor

In today's dynamic business landscape, where digital transformation and sustainability must go hand-in-hand, channel partners must equip themselves with the right tools and knowledge to meet customer demands. By leveraging HPE GreenLake and initiating conversations about CloudPhysics, you can unlock several benefits that will enhance your customer interactions and help drive business success. Let's explore these advantages:

Comprehensive understanding of customer environments

HPE CloudPhysics provides valuable insights into your customers' IT infrastructure, enabling you to understand their environment holistically. Real-time data analysis on resource utilization, application performance and capacity planning allows you to identify optimization opportunities and help them reduce costs.

This knowledge empowers you to align HPE GreenLake offerings with your customer's specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Advocate for sustainability

Sustainability is a top priority for organizations across industries, and HPE CloudPhysics combined with HPE GreenLake offers a powerful solution. By accessing detailed data on IT infrastructure's life cycle and utilization, you can showcase how HPE GreenLake reduces carbon footprint and promotes responsible resource management.

The ability to measure sustainability gains and highlight environmental impact reductions resonates with customers prioritizing sustainability in their operations.

Proactively approach resource planning

HPE CloudPhysics equips your customers with predictive analytics capabilities, enabling them to anticipate resource requirements and optimize capacity planning. Leveraging historical data and machine learning algorithms enables them to accurately forecast future demands, preventing overprovisioning and reducing waste.

This proactive approach ensures that your customers' IT infrastructure aligns with their actual needs, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings. With HPE GreenLake's flexible and scalable offerings, customers can further optimize resource allocation and quickly adapt to changing business requirements.

Grow and compete

  • By incorporating CloudPhysics into your conversations about HPE GreenLake, you position yourself as a trusted advisor delivering data-driven solutions that align with your customers' sustainability goals.
  • Showcasing how HPE GreenLake enables sustainability improvements helps your customers build brand value, attract top talent, and foster strong stakeholder relationships.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive sustainability transformations sets your customers apart from the competitors and ensures their business aligns with emerging ESG standards, future-proofing their operations.

HPE GreenLake at Arrow

Take advantage of the opportunity to kickstart your HPE GreenLake practice right. Our team offers deep HPE GreenLake expertise. We'll guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless integration into your customer's IT infrastructure and aligning it with their unique business objectives.

Our dedicated HPE GreenLake team has over 60 years of combined HPE experience and background in technology leadership, sales, marketing, contracts, public sector and service delivery. Their mission is to help you establish and grow your HPE GreenLake practice effectively. Whether you need assistance with solution design, sales strategies, marketing campaigns or navigating various sectors and industries, contact us today.

To learn more about HPE GreenLake and its integration with CloudPhysics, visit our website or contact Arrow's HPE GreenLake experts today (please specify that you are interested in HPE GreenLake and CloudPhysics).

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