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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Augtera joins Arrow vendor family

May 09, 2024

Arrow is pleased to announce the addition of Augtera Networks to its vendor line card. Augtera is an industry leader in AI/ML-powered Network Operations platforms. 

Augtera Network AI reinvents network operations by applying machine learning to mine data from various parts of the infrastructure to produce AI insights to be consumed either by humans or automation tools. 

Augtera's platform detects network incidents that have already occurred or may occur in the future. Responses to incidents can be automated, such as monitoring console alerts, trouble ticket creation, automation system triggers and the platform's own automation playbooks. 

Augtera Networks AI platform is different than other network management solutions because it's not just receiving and visualizing alerts, it eliminates the noise associated with the alerts. This allows the network operations team to focus on what is most important to them, act proactively to address issues before they are noticed and in some cases even prevent incidents from occurring at all. 

On a foundational level, the network is the enterprise. Because when down-time is reduced and operational costs shrink, an increase in performance and productivity ripples across the entire organization. 

Ready to learn more about the first purpose-built network AI for the modern enterprise? Visit Arrow's Augtera line card page. 

Discover what Augtera and Arrow can do for your business!