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Arrow Quick Hit ThinkOn turns unstructured data into business insights

May 08, 2024 | Joshua Nowlan

Get the flexibility you want and the scale you need to turn unstructured data into business insights with ThinkOn Standard Object Storage. 

Compatible with all major backup software applications, ThinkOn Standard Object Storage is a smart, powerful and adaptable unstructured S3-compatible data storage solution. It has unlimited scalability and immutable integrity, comes with exceptional customer support and has no ingress or egress fees. 

Why should you care?

Digital transformation can't happen without data storage transformation. Escalating data stores are filled with buried treasures but inefficiencies caused by data siloes, legacy solutions and high storage costs can make it difficult to use. 

ThinkOn's Standard Object Storage empowers users to manage their data as they see fit and scales to meet their needs. With this cutting-edge solution, customers get:

  • A pay-as-you-go model — no need to overprovision or overcommit
  • Simple and instant expansion capabilities
  • Long-term archiving and retention
  • Additional security for offline data
  • Data access from anywhere

How does it work?

ThinkOn uses immutable storage to ensure that the data saved on Standard Object Storage cannot be changed or deleted and encrypts both data at rest and in transit. ThinkOn supports optional WORM (Wrtie Once Read Many) storage. 

Differentiation in the market

When you want to make data more resilient, secure, actionable and searchable, Standard Object Storage by ThinkOn is the answer. Whether they are building a solution or establishing a data center, security is built in right from the start. They regularly undergo independent verification of security, privacy and compliance controls. 

How do you position and sell ThinkOn Standard Object Storage?

Standard Object Storage makes it easier to manage and search large volumes of data because the metadata is stored with the objects. It's less expensive, infinitely scalable and is the ideal location to store offsite archival data for most major backup applications. ThinkOn has been certified by Veeam, Commvault, NetBackup and more. 

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Arrow value add

The Arrow ThinkOn team provides partners with configuration and quoting assistance. They recommend complementary solutions and help differentiate ThinkOn from the competition. They work with you to create tailored marketing campaigns that generate demand and help expand your business. 

Arrow Capital Solutions offer financing options for ThinkOn solutions to make them affordable and cost-effective. 

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