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Arrow Quick Hit Redefining zero touch ops with Arista Cognitive Campus

May 01, 2024 | Larry Bourgeois

Arista's Cognitive Campus starts with CloudVision CUE (CV-CUE), a cloud or on-premises service designed for zero-touch operations that ensures seamless and secure wired and wireless networking. 

Arista CV-CUE automates routine network provisioning, configuration and maintenance tasks and reduces manual intervention. This automation improves agility, accelerates time-to-deployment and enhances overall network responsiveness. 

Arista's Cognitive Campus includes:

  • A comprehensive series of Wi-Fi APs for both indoor and outdoor use, that features the most updated wireless technology. 
  • A range of switch options, from compact and fixed form factor to high-end fixed form factor which provide versatile port densities ranging from 12 to 96 ports and speeds spanning from 1G to 25G. 
  • CloudVision AGNI, which seamlessly integrates with identity providers, provides robust network access control and ensures a fast and secure deployment process. 
  • Cognitive capabilities deliver real-time insights into performance, security threats and user behavior enabling proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization to maintain peak network performance and reliability. 

Why should you care?

Your time is valuable and the reliability of your customers' networks are critically important. Arista's CV-CUE provides the epitome of seamless, zero-touch operations excellence. It truly is a hands-free operational solution that will save time deploying, monitoring and maintaining networks. Wired and wireless networks can be set up in minutes, not hours. Predictive insights across the entire network provide an even more refined zero-touch operational model. 

How does it work?

From Day 0, CV-CUE is at the center of the Arista Zero Touch Operations Model. 

Day 0 

Arista pre-provisions and builds design templates for you, so when your appliances arrive, they are ready to connect with base configurations. This provides a strong foundation on which to build your network. 

Day 1

Connect appliances to your network and they will automatically begin provisioning to your CV-CUE instance. You'll be able to organize your appliances by location and apply policies for segmentation and optimization. 

Day 2 and beyond

This is where Arista's Cognitive Campus networking efficiencies really come to fruition. AIOps and troubleshooting will keep devices securely connected and optimize performance. Change controls will ensure that updates can be made without bringing down the network or causing disruptions. Application QoE will keep critical applications prioritized and users productive. 

CV-CUE uses a single pane of glass to monitor Wi-Fi access points and switches. CV-CUE shows switch details and provides information about connectivity, performance and security-related issues. This results in fast mean time to resolution for troubleshooting and restoring networking services that impact users and endpoint devices. 

Differentiation in the market

Arista strives for consistency across the entire portfolio in terms of zero-touch operations, highly available networks and secure zero-trust networking. 

  • Quick Proof of Concept (PoC) set up time and quality solutions
  • One centralized tool for both wired and wireless networking to troubleshoot switches and access points
  • Proactive principles that deliver a highly scalable network and virtually eliminate planned and unplanned downtime
  • Hitless upgrades allow access points and switches to be upgraded at any time without a noticeable impact.

How do you position and sell?

Arista Cognitive Campus provides worry free secure wired and wireless networking for any size of business. 

Key benefits

  • Seamless, zero touch operations for a truly hands-off experience
  • Virtually zero planned or unplanned downtime for uninterrupted connectivity
  • A reliable, highly available network that consistently delivers a positive customer experience
  • Built-in security features within switches, APs and NAC to proactively counter cyber attacks

Arrow value add

The Arrow Arista team provides partners with configuration and quoting assistance and the information needed to differentiate Arista from the competition. Arrow experts can also recommend complementary products and services to complete solution offerings. 

Arrow Capital Solutions can provide financing to make Arista Solutions affordable and cost-effective for customers. 

Learn more about Arista Cognitive Campus by visiting our Arrow line card page. 


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