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Quick Hit: Optimize application performance & cost with IBM automation

September 20, 2023 | Patricia Browning

Help customers get the most out of their modern applications

What is it?

Two of IBM's automation solutions, Turbonomic and Instana, are both powerful stand-alone offerings for application optimization. But, when used together, they give enterprises the ability to automatically discover, map and visualize their entire application and technology stack in real-time.

Why should you care?

Applications today need to be fast and available at all times to meet user needs, but that can lead to expensive over-provisioning or costly outages when troubleshooting can't keep up. Organizations need the ability to scale applications dynamically on demand to better balance performance and cost. Granular, real-time observability is also necessary to keep applications available when problems arise.

How do Turbonomic and Instana work?

The IBM Turbonomic hybrid cloud cost optimization platform automates critical actions in real time — without human intervention — to proactively deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources. Help your customers minimize costs with full-stack virtualization and AI-powered insights that continually enhance performance.

IBM® Instana Observability goes beyond traditional application performance monitoring solutions by democratizing observability so anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development can get granular, real-time data with the context they need. Instana can predict and resolve issues proactively to improve user experiences and speed innovation. It also integrates with IBM Turbonomic to provide a comprehensive view of application performance.

Integrating Instana with Turbonomic enables users to correlate applications SLOs with underlying infrastructure resourcing and automate the IBM Turbonomic platform's dynamic resourcing actions to continuously help ensure application performance.

How this benefits your customers

This solution allows Arrow's IBM partners to:

  • Offer their customers a comprehensive view of their entire IT environment from the application layer down to the infrastructure.
  • Help their customers proactively reallocate resources to reduce waste and improve application performance.

Together, the IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic solutions deliver critical insights and visibility across DevOps, SREs, CloudOps and ITOps teams, giving each team the data they need in the context they need it.

Great resources to learn more about IBM automation

  • Check out IBM Turbonomic and Instana in person: Attending IBM TechXchange Conference 2023 in September? View IBM Turbonomic in action to see how your customers can cut cloud spend by 33%. IBM Instana sessions will demonstrate why it's a leader in the G2 Grid for APM.
  • Earn your IBM proficiency badge for free! Don't lose any momentum after the event. Earn your proficiency badges for IBM Turbonomic and IBM Instana in the IBM Partner Plus Learning Hub, where you can learn how to demo the solution for free and earn credentials for additional incentives on related opportunities.
  • Turbonomic and Instana resource guides created just for you: Whether your customers are looking for cost optimization, better digital experiences for their users, or cloud migration without disruption, IBM can help. Check out the IBM Turbonomic Partner Technical Enablement Guide and Instana Partner Technical Enablement Guide to learn more about these intelligent solutions.
  • Read this case study about how BlueIT, with the help of Turbonomic and Instana Observability, has achieved a 50% reduction in MTTR and a 60% reduction in the time required to implement a resourcing action, while also reducing waste across their clients' environments.

AI and automation are dramatically improving the way businesses operate. From eliminating mundane work and automating back-office processes to powering more efficient IT operations — Arrow is helping organizations automate successfully with IBM's broad portfolio of automation solutions.

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