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Arrow Quick Hit: NetApp ASA C-Series provides economical flash storage

May 03, 2024 | Stacey Kurtz

What is it?

NetApp ASA C-Series is an all-flash SAN array that provides high-density, economical flash storage for critical enterprise applications in the data center. Workloads such as ERP, databases and VDI need high-performance, continuous availability and operational efficiency. Separating these workloads from unstructured data NAS workloads allow managers to follow policies and provides high-performance solutions in situations that require dedicated storage to isolate some or all SAN workloads. 

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[1] Effective capacity based on 5:1 storage efficiency ratios with the maximum number of SSDs installed; space savings will vary dependent on workload and use cases.  

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Why should you care?

Data center managers need a mission-critical enterprise storage environment for their data-intensive applications and workloads that use a SAN infrastructure. NetApp provides the all-flash ASA C-Series SAN array as a high-performance alternatives to traditional SAN storage. 

How does this work?

NetApp ASA systems deliver industry-leading availability, superior performance and simplified data management across a hybrid cloud. They enable a customer's SAN infrastructure to accelerate business-critical applications and ensure they are always available — even in the most performance-demanding large-capacity deployments. 

Built based on the NetApp AFF system running ONTAP, they provide an enterprise-class SAN solution. Features that NetApp's ASA systems share with NetApp AFF include:

  • Industry-leading 6 nines availability
  • Massive clusters that scale both up and out
  • The best enterprise performance in the industry (based on audited SPC-1 results)
  • Cost-effective, seamless data protection

Differentiation in the market

Key benefits of NetApp ASA C-Series:

  • Predictable and economical high-performance solution
  • Enables the consolidation of legacy spinning disk environment into a predictable solution
  • Provides continuous data access to support critical workloads with an all-flash SAN solution
  • Delivers market-leading performance with efficiency, encryption and data protection
  • Supports both NVMe/FC and NVMe/TCP, providing latency as low as 100 milliseconds with ASA A-Series systems and millions of IOPS in a cluster
  • Provides synchronous replication to protect the entire system with NetApp MetroCluster Software
  • Mirrors data synchronously to a different physical site to ensure business continuity
  • Accelerates the performance of VMware infrastructure along with Oracle, SAP and Microsoft SQL server deployments in a dedicated SAN environment to improve customer experience and reduce time to results
  • Helps organizations meet performance objectives by encrypting, replicating and storing data efficiently
  • Provides effortless cloud connectivity with leading integration to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and others

How to position and sell NetApp's ASA C-Series

Customers who want to upgrade and modernize their data centers by replacing or augmenting their existing legacy-technology SAN infrastructure will benefit from the C-Series as it:

  • Provides an all-flash SAN alternative to hybrid SAN arrays
  • Achieves latency as low as 2-4 milliseconds with ASA A-Series systems and millions of IOPS in a cluster
  • Continuous data access to support mission- and business-critical workloads
  • Powered by the SAN-optimized NetApp ONTAP
  • Includes ransomware detection, encryption and immutable snapshots

NetApp recommends ASA configurations when customers require:

  • Mission-critical workloads such as databases that must have symmetric active-active paths from hosts to storage
  • A dedicated system to isolate SAN workloads
  • May need to scale SAN clusters out up to 12 nodes

More information


Arrow value-add

As your NetApp partner, Arrow will help you quote, position and sell NetApp ASA C-Series arrays. You can count on us to:

  • Participate in discovery calls with customers to discuss their needs, uncover workload breakdown and any other information needed to design proposals tailored to fit their needs
  • Provide right-sized quotes and create a competitive edge in every opportunity using NetApp's Storage Efficiencies
  • Help you craft a value proposition for your quote that includes NetApp's Efficiency Guarantee
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