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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Arrow adds NETSCOUT to bolster its vendor line card

April 05, 2024

Arrow is proud to announce that NETSCOUT has joined its vendor network. 

NETSCOUT provides real-time, pervasive visibility and insights to over 3,000 customers today in over 120 countries. The world's largest and most essential organizations rely on NETSCOUT's Visibility Without Borders Platform for performance, security and availability to deliver a seamless user experience. The platform provides comprehensive network visibility that is both broad (covering legacy and hybrid cloud environments, applications and all end-users) and deep (down to the packet level). 

NETSCOUT's Visibility Without Borders Platform proactively identifies areas of complexity, fragility and risk to unlock insights at an unparalleled scale — delivering the intelligence needed to increase visibility, improve agility, and keep data and applications secure.

The core solutions that make up the Visibility Without Borders Platform are:

  • The nGenius Enterprise and Carrier Grade service assurance solutions: Providing real-time, contextual analysis of service, network and application performance. 
  • The Arbor Smart DDoS Protection products: Helping protect against attacks that threaten availability and advanced threats that infiltrate networks to steal critical business assets.
  • The Omnis Network Security Solution: Delivering highly scalable, DPI-based network visibility, threat detection and investigation to protect legacy and hybrid cloud environments from advanced cyber attacks. 

Learn more about NETSCOUT and their Visibility Without Borders Platform.

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