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Trust Perle to deliver superior connectivity technology for mission critical applications

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About Perle

Perle has almost 40 years’ experience as a manufacturer of an extensive range of reliable, full featured device networking hardware.

Perle’s portfolio is ideal for organisations that need network connectivity across multiple locations to securely transmit critical and sensitive information and allow remote monitoring and control of its networked devices and appliances.

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Arrow and Perle

With its experienced and specialist networking division, Arrow is well placed to advise partners on best fit network technology solutions. Arrow is the only Perle distributor in Europe and this strategic partnership can give you a much needed competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

Arrow understands how the extensive Perle portfolio of technologies fits into a customer environment and will actively work help to the development and growth of your Perle business through a wide range of support offerings, which include:

Let Arrow get you started with Perle today!

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