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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Ho Chi Minh City Center, Saigon


A fresh, new approach to security.



Trellix have the ultimate goal of creating a resilient digital world by enabling trust and customer success through living security. They know that for you to forge ahead in the future it is vital to protect your present.

A security platform with a pulse

Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, the Trellix living security platform is always learning and adapting, so businesses can remain resilient with advanced detection, response, and remediation capabilities.

The Trellix portfolio

  • Endpoint Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Collaboration
  • Data and Users
  • Applications Security
  • Infrastructure Security

Working with Arrow

Like Trellix, Arrow believes that to forge ahead tomorrow we need to protect today. Security threats are more dynamic and sophisticated than ever, and static and siloed solutions are simply not enough to keep businesses protected.  

Arrow can help with everything from product knowledge and product training to providing licensing advice, pre-sales consulting work and technical work.  

As a Trellix Partner at Arrow, you have access to a variety of resources and tools, including:

  • Access to Arrow Support Services, expertise in pre- and after-sales and a dedicated quote team
  • Access to license advice
  • Access to marketing support, enablement and funding
  • Access to nationwide event and demo facilities
  • Access to authorized training through Arrow Education Services
  • ArrowSphere - Arrow's innovative marketplace for sales and management of cloud services 
  • The knowledge and expertise needed to sell Trellix products and services 

Trellix resources