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Arrow Electronics, Inc.


Taking a Different Approach Towards An Adaptive Threat Strategy

Unique and powerful security solutions that combat today's advanced persistent threats.

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About FireEye

FireEye is a leader in cybersecurity, providing solutions that allow businesses to protect themselves against advanced malware, zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats (APT’s) and other cyber attacks. FireEye provides Arrow partners with a wide range of unique and powerful security solutions which can complement, enhance and extend their traditional security offerings.

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Arrow and FireEye

Arrow is a major distribution partner for FireEye in Europe and can provide FireEye reseller partners with an extensive range of commercial, technical and support services to help them to grow their FireEye business:

  • Anytime access to pre- and post-sales expertise
  • Access to FireEye training programs
  • Demonstration and POC facilities for FireEye products

Let Arrow get you started with FireEye today!

FireEye product offerings

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