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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

VMware Carbon Black

A new generation of endpoint security which is designed to prevent advanced cyberattacks.

Experts in Security

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About Carbon Black

Carbon Black has been developing antivirus solutions to protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks, for over 15 years.

Every organisation has a different set of security skills and objectives, whether protecting workstations, locking down servers, or integrating with security stacks.

Only Carbon Black provides the most choice in next-generation endpoint security, so organisations are covered regardless of the situation.

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Arrow and Carbon Black

Arrow and Carbon Black share the vision of a secure world and have partnered to help channel partners provide end-user customers with the latest and most advanced AV solution on the market.

Arrow is bringing next-gen antivirus solutions to the marketplace and helps broaden the security reseller ecosystem, allowing them to respond to increasingly sophisticated enterprise threats.

As a specialist in enterprise endpoint security, Arrow understands Carbon Black’s technology and will actively work to support authorised Carbon Black partners in generating end-user leads, providing expert technical and commercial support where required.

Let Arrow get you started with Carbon Black today!

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Carbon Black product offerings

  • CB Predictive Security Cloud is an endpoint protection platform that consolidates security in the cloud and makes it easy to prevent, investigate, eliminate, and search for threats.
  • CB Defense uses a dashboard to give users an up-to-date overview of cybersecurity status and to determine the number and types of attacks that have been prevented, where and how they stopped, and how healthy the endpoints are.

    Cb Defense sends alerts when new malware attacks are prevented and when suspicious activity is detected.

    This useful intelligence also enables a company to take action after an attack to prevent future injury.

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