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The power of visibility in security

This project involved complex technology and with such time pressure, there’s no way we could have done this alone. ”

Jai Sakaria, CTI

It only takes one well-executed cyber attack to expose a business to serious financial and reputational damage – and recovery from both can be challenging to say the least.

As a value-added distributor, Arrow is committed to helping partners deliver comprehensive security solutions that provide the visibility that’s needed to mitigate risk in their customers’ environments.


The partner

CTI Solutions provide end-to-end communication solutions and support services to empower businesses across Australia to achieve their telecommunications goals.


The customer

Nexia provide financial solutions across Australia and New Zealand to support individuals and businesses with accounting, business strategy and personal wealth.

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The challenge

Following a merger, Nexia needed to increase its network bandwidth and firewalls to support an increase in staff headcount.

Nexia was on a tight deadline and needed a solution to be deployed before the end of financial year.

The challenge was finding the expertise and resources required to quickly turnaround a deployment of security solution that would deliver the automation and orchestration needed to support business growth.

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The solution

In May 2019, CTI contacted Arrow for advice on upgrading Nexia’s firewalls to support extra headcount.

Arrow’s Security Sales Engineer Yusuf Mustafa suggested a complete security lifecycle review of Nexia’s environment, as this would provide clear visibility and determine the best solution to deliver on their objectives.

As part of the review, Yusuf worked closely with CTI’s engineers to deploy the firewall on Nexia’s network.

Once the review was complete, Yusuf presented the findings to CTI and Nexia, and offered recommendations on the best way forward.

Having clearly understood how the solution would translate into business benefits, CTI engaged Yusuf to help configure and deploy the solution, thereby securing the deal and strengthening their position as a trusted advisor.

Yusuf’s product knowledge transfer also helped educate CTI’s engineers on best practices on how to deploy this particular technology, so they would have the confidence to deliver the solution independently in the future. Yusuf also helped CTI identify cross-sell opportunities to support future business growth.

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The result: CTI

By engaging Arrow for security expertise, CTI were able to supplement their own resources to configure and deploy the solution with the ease and speed required by Nexia.

CTI Account Manager Jai Sakaria said Yusuf’s combination of security expertise and business acumen was a welcome value-add that ultimately enabled CTI to grow their relationship and business with Nexia.

“Yusuf’s product expertise and his communication style helped us to build our relationship with Nexia and take the steps needed to secure the deal,” Jai said.

"We were not familiar with the solution, and with time against us, Arrow’s expertise, knowledge transfer and commitment were a welcome value-add."

“This project involved complex technology and with such time pressure, there’s no way we could have done this alone. Yusuf understood exactly what was required and worked overtime to ensure Nexia had the solution up and running before their deadline.”

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The result: Nexia

Nexia IT Manager Rony Halim said Yusuf’s ability to translate complex technology into real world business outcomes was a key factor in his decision to go ahead with the deployment.

“Yusuf understood our challenges and was able to really show and explain how the firewall would benefit our firm,” Rony said.

“Normally, a request this complex would take several weeks. But with his expertise, Yusuf was able to design, implement and deploy the solution within three days.

This engagement has reinforced the trust we have with Arrow and CTI and we are confident that we will work together again on future projects.

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