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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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A global leader in critical infrastructure cyber security

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cyber security for ICS and OT environments



OPSWAT is a global leader in IT, OT and ICS critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions and Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), protecting the world’s mission-critical organisations from malware and zero-day attacks. To minimise the risk of compromise, OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Protection solutions safeguard both public and private sector organizations with the latest technology, processes, and hardware scanning to secure the transfer of data, files, and device access across critical networks.

More than 1,500 organisations worldwide spanning Financial Services, Defence, Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace, and Transportation Systems trust OPSWAT to secure their files and devices; ensure compliance with industry and government-driven policies and regulations, and protect their reputation, finances, employees, and customers from cyber-driven disruption.

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Arrow and OPSWAT

Arrow adds further value to OPSWAT partners by:

  • Providing access to pre- and post-sales expertise
  • Equipping partners with the necessary knowledge to sell their products and services
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete the offering

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