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Arrow Electronics, Inc.


Network Monitoring, Data Center and IT Infrastructure Management Solutions for secure remote access to all of your critical systems.

Secure remote access to all of your critical systems.

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Who is Opengear?

Secure management of critical network components is essential for every business or corporation. At Arrow we understand that with the increased transition from data centers to edge locations, the ability to securely manage these components from any location has become increasingly important. That is why we are a trusted distributor of Opengear, a DIGI company.

Opengear offers secure remote management of your businesses critical network infrastructure. Through Smart Out-of-Band management solutions, Opengear brings network resilience to IT organisations, ensuring business continuity. From day one to every day, even during outages, Opengear provides the necessary solutions, products, and resources to help IT organisations keep their network running, with secure remote access to critical devices, independent of the production network.


Opengear solutions offers its customers:

  • Network Resilience: Keep your businesses networks running at the data center and out the the edge, with no distruption to the customer experience
  • Smart Out-of-Band: Manage your businesses infrastructure remotely and securely, outside the production network, over 4G-LTE cellular
  • NetOps Automation: Add automation to your businesses console server, with standard tools like Docker, Ansible and Python.

In combination with their solution, Opengear offers reliable and compact products for operations management, infrastructure management, remote access resilience gateways and console servers for data centers and large compute locations.


Why partner with Arrow for Opengear?

Arrow is a trusted Opengear distributor and we are committed to helping partners sell, setup and deploy Opengear infrastructure.

By partnering with Arrow for Opengear, you will receive the necessary resources to help you grow your Opengear business.

As an Arrow Partner for Opengear, you will be able to:

At Arrow, we are 100% channel-focused. Our mission is to ensure your success as a trusted Opengear solutions provider and enabler.

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