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BitTitan's fully automated, industry-leading SaaS solution enables IT to quickly migrate email and other workloads from a wide range of endpoints.

Making Office 365 projects easier and more profitable


About BitTitan

Eleven years ago, BitTitan began building software to help IT service providers drive cloud adoption. Today, their industry-leading platform helps IT professionals assess, deploy, and manage cloud solutions with greater profitability.

During BitTitan's first ten years in business, they grew into a global company of more than 200 employees. Over the past decade, they've helped more than 36,000 organizations deploy IT services to 13 million employees in 187 countries.


BitTitan Product Offerings

  • MigrationWiz: In 2009, BitTitan built MigrationWiz, which became the global leader in cloud migration software. They've spent the past decade helping IT professionals and managed services providers be more efficient, profitable, and successful in the cloud.
  • Voleer, a BitTitan Company: With Voleer, BitTitan has transformed their software into an IT services automation platform that is designed to help their customers offer more services to end-users as they grow their business. The mission of Voleer is to help value-added resellers, system integrators or managed services providers be more successful through standardization and automation.
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Arrow represents BitTitan in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

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