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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

How to turn a renewal into a tech refresh

December 16, 2022

It’s not uncommon for businesses to replace IT equipment only when it’s on the brink of collapse. After all, IT upgrades are expensive and who doesn’t want to get the most out of their existing assets? Not surprisingly, this is a common train of thought. Perhaps a more productive way of thinking would be to question how to find the opportunity and extract value from a technology refresh.

As a channel partner, you are well placed to educate your customers on the benefits of a tech refresh, so you can guide innovation and increase ROI.

Renewals represent a great opportunity to review your customers’ situation and, if warranted, recommend a full or partial technology upgrade.

As your customer’s trusted technology advisor, you can work with them on a refresh to get the most value from their investment, cementing your long-term business relationship, thereby contributing to sustainable profitability.

Arrow has the systems and people in place to help you transform a renewal opportunity into a tech fresh. Here’s how you can leverage our expertise to maximise every sales opportunity.

Engage your customer

Our dedicated renewals team use a purpose-built renewals analytics platform that provides full visibility across the lifecycle of your customers’ assets. The platform automatically notifies you of your customers’ upcoming technology renewals – 30, 60 and 90 days out – so you can proactively engage your customer. Engage is the key word here. At 90 days out, you can start talking to your customers about their existing solution, where they are and where they want to be. In doing so, you’ll need to consider your customers’ time, budget, new technology and its ability to meet your customers’ core objective. That’s where our pre-sales support team really work their magic.

Scope the opportunity

We have over a dozen vendor-certified sales engineers across ANZ to help you design, demonstrate and deploy bespoke IT solutions that fulfil your customers’ needs. When it comes to the latest technology products and capabilities, our engineers have their finger on the pulse. They know the technology and the environments in which they best operate. Once you have engaged your customer about their situation, our engineers can either run an assessment into the tech refresh opportunity. As part of this, they’ll review your customers’ existing technology, applications and user environments to determine long-term cost savings, operational efficiencies and workplace agility. If the assessment reveals a strong case for a tech refresh, our engineers can provide support to deliver the solution where required:

Demonstration: whether virtual or onsite, our engineers can provide the necessary technology and equipment to demonstrate the solution to your customers. If required, our engineers can run the demonstration on your behalf either at the customer site or using our demonstration facilities.
Proof of concept (POC): if your customer is happy with the demonstration, we can run a proof of concept to verify the effectiveness of the solution. As part of the POC, our engineers will identify solutions to any potential problems that might arise during integration, implementation or operation to ensure the solution is viable and meets expectations.
Deployment: to ensure a successful implementation, our engineers can stage the solution in our staging lab prior shipping to you or your customer on your behalf. And, with our experienced engineers providing the deployment, you can be sure that the solution will be correctly implemented so your customers can maintain business continuity with minimal downtime.
Value recovery: during the initial assessment, our engineers can also identify opportunities to leverage retired technology assets. Our Value Recovery program allows you to unlock financial value from retired assets.

Making the case for tech refresh

If a tech refresh is the best option for your customer, it’s important to call out the benefits. This will cement your position as a trusted technology advisor. Here are some key benefits to highlight when engaging your customer about a potential tech refresh opportunity:

  • Simplify your IT infrastructure
  • Increase performance and reliability
  • Reduce risk of downtime and system failure
  • Generate sustainable return on investment
  • Make businesses more agile, flexible and responsive
  • Reduce operational costs of maintaining legacy infrastructure
  • Maintain security compliance.

With our experience in the channel and unsurpassed engineering capabilities, Arrow is well placed to help you maximise the sales opportunity.

Contact us to learn how we can act on your behalf to turn a simple renewal into a complete tech refresh.