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Gigamon GigaSMART

September 02, 2020 | Gabriel Ripoll

Gigamon GigaSMART: Intelligence to optimise and manage layer 2-7 network traffic

What is it?

GigaSMART extends the ability of Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric to monitor physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures through a broad set of Intelligence Applications covering:

  • Traffic Intelligence: Adaptive Packet Filtering, Advanced Load Balancing, De-Duplication, Header Stripping, Masking, NetFlow Generation, Slicing, Advanced Flow Slicing, SSL/TLS Decryption and Tunnelling
  • Application Intelligence: Application Filtering, Application Metadata and Application Visualisation
  • Subscriber Intelligence: 5G and 4G LTE CUPS Correlation, GTP Correlation, Flow Sampling and SIP/RTP Correlation.

Why should you care?

GigaSMART applications improve network visibility, traffic handling and tool efficiency.

Some examples include:

  • Application Intelligence: Visualise all applications on your network and forward only relevant application traffic for greater tool efficiency
  • SSL/TLS Decryption: Centrally decrypt traffic, including TLS 1.3 to eliminate network blind spots and re-encrypt after inspection to keep data secure
  • NetFlow and Application Metadata: Generate NetFlow and over 5000 L3-7 metadata attributes to provide contextual insights
  • Advanced Flow Slicing: Forward the first set of packets then slice or drop the rest to minimise bandwidth and reduce unnecessary burdens on tools.
  • Application Monitoring: extends visibility to Layer 7 applications, identify over 3200 apps and through Application Filter Intelligence, lets actions be taken to filter applications of interest.

How does it work?

GigaSMART applications run on specialised GigaSMART advanced-processing engines and perform functions on traffic in real time to improve network visibility and improve security and other tools’ performance.

Users can access the GigaSMART advanced processing engines from any GigaVUE® HC series node, without port or card-based restrictions, and combine GigaSMART engines to manage higher traffic loads and optimise for specific applications.

Applications can also be combined or service chained so traffic benefits from multiple functions that can be achieved at once, such as generating NetFlow and other network metadata or decrypting SSL/TLS traffic after packet duplicates have been removed, or stripping VLAN headers before load balancing the traffic and sending it out to the appropriate tools.

Differentiation in the market

GigaSMART is made unique by the following:

  • One complete platform for access to data anywhere
  • Scale, breadth and depth of traffic intelligence
  • High quality and reliability of overall solution
  • Tangible and prompt ROI
  • Depth and breadth of integration with leading infrastructure and tooling vendors.

How do you position and sell it?

The ideal Gigamon customer is an enterprise or public sector entity with large, complex networks and a sufficient number of security and network monitoring tools in their infrastructure.

Organisations that have diverse environments – physical, virtual and cloud – are also very good targets.

  • Enterprise environments (large companies with 1000 or more employees)
  • Public sector organisations (government, higher education, SLED)
  • Primary roles:SecOps Directors/Architects, CISOs
  • NetOps Directors/Architects
  • CloudOps Directors/Architects
  • Mobile Operators and Fixed-line Service/Content providers.