C&KBD02AVCommutateur DIP

Switch DIP OFF ON SPST 2 Extended Slide 0.1A 25VDC PC Pins 10000Cycles 2.54mm Thru-Hole Tube

By acting as a series of switches, the BD02AV dual in-line package switch from C&K Components is the ideal component for use on a printed circuit board. This device has a maximum current rating of 0.1 A @ 5VDC. It has a SPST configuration. This DIP switch has an operating temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C. The BD02AV DIP switch has a PC pin termination style. The maximum DC voltage rating is 25 VDC. This product's terminal pitch is 2.54 mm. This product is 7.11 mm long, 9.65 mm tall and 11.69 mm deep.

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