Grayhill78J02TCommutateur DIP

Switch DIP OFF ON SPDT 2 Raised Slide 0.15A 30VDC PC Pins 2000Cycles 2.54mm Thru-Hole Tube

Easily customize your printed circuit with the use of the 78J02T dual in-line package switch, designed from Grayhill. This device has a maximum current rating of 0.15 A @ 30VDC. It has a SPDT configuration. This DIP switch has a minimum operating temperature of -40 °C and a maximum of 85 °C. The 78J02T DIP switch has a PC pin termination style. This product's terminal pitch is 2.54 mm. The maximum DC voltage rating is 30 VDC. This product is 12.2 mm long, 8 mm tall and 9.65 mm deep.

A datasheet is only available for this product at this time.

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