Analog Devices' Power by Linear Introduces the LT®8616 Dual 42 V Synchronous, Monolithic, Step-Down Regulator

Analog Devices' Power by Linear has brought to market the LT®8616, a dual synchronous, step-down, high-efficiency, monolithic, high-speed, switching regulator. When both channels are enabled, it consumes only 6.5 µA of quiescent current.

The two channels, which differ in maximum current and input range, dispel the need for most external components as they contain vital circuitry and switches.

To simplify the application, both VIN1 and VIN2 are assumed to be connected to the same input supply. However, it is important to note that VIN1 must be greater than 3.4 V for either channel to operate.

The LT®8616’s low-ripple ultralow quiescent current burst mode operation enables high efficiency down to very low output currents while minimizing output ripple at < 15 mV. A SYNC pin allows synchronization to an external clock, while internal compensation with peak current mode topology allows the use of small inductors. As a result, the LT®8616 offers fast transient response and good loop stability. The enable pins have accurate 1 V thresholds. They can setup undervoltage lockout. Upon startup, TR/SS pins capacitors determine the output voltage ramp. PG pins alert users as to when each output is within 10 percent of the programmed output voltage.

The constant frequency, peak current mode DC/DC LT8616 converter has a wide input voltage range of 3.4 V to 42 V and a fast minimum switch on-time at 35 ns. It features 2.5 A and 1.5 A buck regulators with separate inputs, 180° out-of-phase switching, internal compensation, and output soft-start and tracking. Additionally, the regulator is adjustable and synchronizable from 200 kHz up to 3 MHz. This is due to the constant frequency PWM architecture that can be programmed to switch with a resistor attached to the ground and RT pin.   

For high reliability, the LT8616 is available in a thermally enhanced, 28-lead TSSOP package. The packaging ensures that output stays at or below regulation voltage during adjacent pin short or when a pin is left floating. Applications for Analog Devices' Power by Linear’s new device include automotive and industrial supplies, as well as general purpose step-down. During overload or short-circuit conditions, the LT8616 safely tolerates operation with a saturated inductor. This is accomplished through a peak-current mode, high-speed design.

An oscillator, with frequency set using a resistor on the RT pin, turns on the internal top power switch of the LT8616 at the clock cycle start. Inductor current increases and stops once the top switch current comparator trips. Peak inductor current, where the top switch stops, is reached by voltage on the internal VC node.

If a clock is applied to the SYNC/MODE pin, both of the LT8616 channels operate in pulse-skipping mode and sync to the external clock frequency. SW transitions are aligned to the clock during pulse skipping, and the oscillator continually operates during this phase as well. Quiescent current per channel is several hundred µA during light loads. At this time, switch pulses are skipped so that output may be regulated.

 linear technology introduces the LT 8616

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