Simplify Design with the ON Semiconductor Motor Driver Solution Kit

Learn more about how to shorten the process of development and design of different motor types with the ON Semiconductor LV8548MC module solution kit.

ON Semiconductor Motor Driver Module Solution Kit using the Arduino MICRO*1 makes motor drive design simple

There are far too many types of motor drivers to match the great variety of motor (stepping, DC brushed, DC brushless, and so forth), which makes it complicated in the design of a motor drive. For the design engineers who rely on using motor in the development of application solutions, ample time is required for sorting out and choosing the right device. Likewise, they have to understand the detail of the devices including specification, function, and the external circuit design layout. In addition, the engineers will also have to commit much resources and effort to adjust the external components or the behavioral pattern of using the motor in designing the prototype. They may have to shed light on a case study as a sample for their research and work on the design iteration repeatedly so as to accomplish the final design. Now, there is a more convenient way available that could help to simplify motor drive design to a great extent. The following is an introduction to the motor driver presented by ON Semiconductor, and the module solution for motor drive.
First of all, we are going to introduce the LV8548MC motor driver of ON Semiconductor. It could be used as a dual-channel H-bridge DC motor driver or single-channel stepper driver. It is small in size, occupies less space and the number of external components is minimal. It supports single source of power supply ranging from 4V to 16V and compatible with control input ranging from 3.3V to 5V. The LV8548MC runs with direct driving current as high as 1A and supports forward/reverse, braking, freewheeling and features RDSON <1Ω (typical value) with stand-by current <1uA and thermal shutdown at 150°C (minimum value). This product targets Refrigerator, Hot Water Heater, POS Printer and Stage light.

The LV8548MC aims at a motor that requires unburdened single power supply without external adjustment in application. It needs only a very small circuit board to realize the application in a small size. Further to the compact bypass capacitor with 10-pin packing, it needs no other external components. The LV8548MC features low power consumption with low stand-by current at 1uA (maximum value) and low operating current, and supports high operating voltage with maximum value ranging from 4.0V to 16V, at maximum rated voltage of 20V. 

The LV8548MC is your best solution for 12V stepper motor and brush DC motor control application. 

The motor driver module solution kit is to shorten the process of development and helps engineers to complete the design for driving different types of motors as well as the prototype design solution quickly and easily. The motor driver module solution kit of ON Semiconductor provides a plug-in motor driver module, baseboard, API libraries and user friendly graphical user interface (GUI). These help to simplify the design process and allow engineers with less experience and limited knowledge of a motor drive to start the design of different types of motors without the necessity of going into brush DC motor, stepper motor and BLDC motors or methods of motor control in depth. LV8548MCSLDGEVB, a motor driver module solution kit with LV8548MC on a motor driver module was just released in market in April 2018.

Arduino MICRO*1 was chosen for the ON Semiconductor motor drive module solution. This is a controller at industry standard and is extensively used in the development of prototype devices and education. This is the reason why engineers who used MCU for the first time could easily start the design of a motor drive application. 

The advantage of this motor driver module solution kit includes the use of a plug-in motor driver module for the quick design of the prototype motor function, and the support of GUI and API libraries for the easy customization of design. It could engage in motor exchange through standardized motor driver module (pin and size) for the flexible application to different types of motors through a number of motor driver modules. Furthermore, it helps engineers in development work through the motor driver program kit under the exclusive API motor control function libraries, and supports the development of motor driver program software. Through a simple GUI operation for generating a semi-automatic source code for the Arduino MICRO and the application of the GUI and API libraries, you may easily customize your design. 

The ON Semiconductor motor driver module solution kit makes available the idea of fool-proof, quick activation and open architecture. It allows engineers with less experience in motor drive design to quickly start and proceed to the design of prototype, and helps to condense the time and cut down the cost of development. In addition, the feature of a motor driver module exchange helps to assess different types of motors easily. You will greatly benefit from using this product in your routine work for accomplishing your design projects easily and realize a high quality product in motor drive design. LV8548MCSLDGEVB is one of the module and please look forward to new motor driver module line-up releases in future.

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