Minimizing Barriers for Internet of Things Adoption

Recently, the number of Internet connected devices exceeded the global population. We are seeing a boom in new and traditional companies becoming mainstream by connecting devices and creating new business models. Companies like, Fitbit, Nike, and Jawbone are redefining the market for connected health monitoring driven by their new line of devices. We are seeing a disruption in old industries where newer, smarter devices are being introduced -- like how Nest has rattled the thermostat industry. There is a shift in the fabric of “things” that connects our world. This shift is towards the Internet of Things (IoT).

For decades, customers of Arrow Electronics have been driving innovation in every vertical by building devices that have become part of our business or consumer lives. In previous years, innovation in hardware didn’t necessarily have to include a connection to the Internet to drive business value. But, as these trail blazers fight to stay ahead of their competition the question of how they facilitate incremental business value comes to light. That is why Arrow and 2lemetry have partnered to provide customers with a new path to innovation -- through the power of IoT.

2lemetry helps Arrow’s customers adopt the IoT in a few different ways. First, consider customers that have been buying components from Arrow for some number of years. They’ve already made the leap and decided that their business would expand by getting their devices online. However, as they have evolved their needs, they find the homegrown proprietary protocol that worked for the past few years limiting and inefficient. Additionally, as they build out this next generation of connected devices the incompatibility with their legacy infrastructure is making it cost prohibitive to move forward. They’ve engaged with a few integrators to evaluate the costs and benefits and further investment in M2M never seems to make business sense because of the switching costs associated with their legacy deployment. Here’s where 2lemetry and Arrow can break down the barriers to adoption.

2lemetry’s cloud platform can adapt to any protocol, even legacy home grown protocols and specializes in bridging messages between protocols to allow for a single cohesive foundation for your business application. Once 2lemetry onboards the legacy protocols the groundwork is laid for Arrow to help the customer take advantage of their existing device investment and look to the future. Arrow and its extensive network of partners build the customer a best in class device using newer standard protocols. Now, the new and old can work together as a single system, stitched together by a common platform. The advantage to this approach is reduced switching costs to retire the legacy deployment, lower integration expenses by eliminating the need to create temporary mappings between multiple environments, and any need to run more than one infrastructure at any given time. Additionally, existing business applications can access device data through a set of standard APIs.

Next, let’s take a look at a real customer scenario. Arrow customer, Sendum Wireless (Vancouver, BC), designs and markets wireless tracking devices. For everything from high-end assets to fleet management, Sendum has power efficient innovative devices that meet the customer’s unique tracking requirements. Sendum, at its core, is a traditional hardware manufacturer. In previous years, Sendum partnered with customers to visualize and report on the valuable information that comes from their devices. The device and the business application were completely decoupled. Recently, they realized that these disconnected offerings were difficult for their customers to adopt and they needed an end to end solution. Wayne Chester, CEO of Sendum Wireless, says “We decided it was time for Sendum to offer a complete solution for our customers. We partnered with 2lemetry to build our offering on top of their platform. 2lemetry’s ability to seamlessly integrate between our legacy protocol and our newer protocols was a key factor in our quick time to market.”

Finally, consider the early adopters... the makers of tomorrow. They rely on Arrow as their supply chain for innovative components and modules, which they’ll use to build the devices that will become part of our daily lives over time. These customers need a sandbox environment to test their inventions and iterate over their design decisions. Kyle Roche, CEO of 2lemetry, says “Our partnership with Arrow is focused on the Enterprise, but the developers own the future of the Internet of Things. We provide limited access to developers at no-cost to help facilitate that innovation”. 2lemetry, through its partnership with Arrow, offers a no-cost development environment for you to experiment with your designs. The development portal allows for five devices to be connected for testing. 2lemetry provides 24/7 support to the developer over their online forums and live help portal. Get in touch with your Arrow Representative today and get your world connected. 

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