Minitek® Pwr: for optimal power wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connectivity

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Amphenol presents Minitek® Pwr, an exceptional unsealed wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connector system designed to cater to mid-power applications. With its versatile pitch sizes of 3.00mm, 4.20mm, and 5.70mm, and an impressive range of current ratings from 5A to 28A, Minitek® Pwr is the ultimate choice for demanding electrical connections.

Features and Benefits

One of the standout features of Minitek® Pwr is its innovative flexing beam design, which ensures a low insertion force during mating. This design allows for a hassle-free and secure connection, minimizing the risk of damage during the mating and unmating process. Additionally, the connectors boast fully polarized interfaces, preventing accidental mismating and ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

The Minitek® Pwr connectors are equipped with finger proof, scoop-proof contacts, offering enhanced protection to the contacts during mating and unmating operations. This feature greatly reduces the potential for contact damage, promoting longevity and reliability in your electrical systems.

Furthermore, the connectors feature a fuss-free malleability with a blind-mate interface (BMI), which provides a self-aligning feature molded into the housings. This ensures a seamless and accurate connection, even in challenging installation scenarios.

Minitek® Pwr connectors incorporate a positive locking system that securely mates the connectors, effectively preventing accidental un-mating. This robust locking mechanism guarantees a stable and uninterrupted electrical connection, even in demanding environments. Additionally, the wire-to-board version of the connectors offers Terminal Position Assurance (TPA), further enhancing the reliability and integrity of your connections.


Minitek® Pwr connectors find extensive applications across various industries. In the consumer sector, they are ideal for air-conditioners, microwave ovens, set-top boxes, refrigerators/freezers, printers/copiers, vending machines, washing machines, and gaming equipment. In the medical field, they are suitable for hospital beds, defibrillators, patient monitors, and ultrasound equipment. For industrial applications, Minitek® Pwr connectors are perfect for, Energy storage, Warehouse Robotics, industrial control panels, Factory automation drives and motors. They are also well-suited for networking and data communications in HDD applications, hot plug servers, NVR servers, server fan applications, Rack Servers, OCP DC-MHS, desktop computers, and motherboards. Additionally, in telecommunications, they excel in 1U rack boxes, Wi-Max boxes, interface converters, customer premises equipment, hubs, power supplies, and distribution.

The three pitch sizes of the connector family are intended to balance out between current-carrying efficiency and space-savings. For example, the 5.7mm pitch version is a heavy haul among medium power applications while the 3mm pitch is suitable for smaller footprint designs. Both 3mm and 4.2mm have higher current versions depending on the application at hand.

The 3mm pitch version is also popular in datacom applications due to its support for 12V requirements in High Performance Computing applications as well as the Open Compute Project (OCP). Two variants are offered, one to power GPU cards while carrying sideband signals at PCIe Gen 5 data rates, and another to manage power distribution in OCP racks. These solutions respectively addressed as CEM5 12VHPWR and the 12VPICPWR are hybrid versions that besides conducting power, allow sideband protocol signals to be passed along.

Application by Pitch Size

  3mm 4.2mm 5.7mm
Consumer Smart home appliances Security cameras Garage door openers
High Performance Computing GPUs in servers with power hungry applications like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.    
Industrial Human Machine Interface, Programmable Logic Controller, HVAC Industrial Power supply, display systems, lighting Vending Machines, Industrial PC fan modules
Medical Ultrasound, defibrillators, monitors Hospital bed  
Networking / Data communications Desktop PCs, Blade and Rack Mount Servers Server fans, Server PSUs, GPUs AI Servers , Server Power Distribution Boards
Telecommunications Host Processor Modules and Peripheral Power Distribution Boards    
OCP 1U Rack Box, WiMax Box, Networking Equipments Router / Hub  

3mm Variants for Data Center

  CEM5 12V-2x6 4.2mm
Application Data Center & Gaming OCP
Equipment Server GPU Peripheral Interface Cards like: Backplanes, Risers, PCIe auxiliary connections
Key Feature PCI Express 5.0 support up to 32GT/s raw bandwidth Current rating of 12A/pin
Power (W) 600 864
Hybrid contacts 12P(power)+4S(signal) Choice of 12P+12S or 6P+6S


The connector family is available in single and dual rows with up to 24 positions. They are rated 600V, with additional 12V versions designed for datacom and server. The connectors are glow-wire compatible adhering to IEC 60335-1, making them a safer and smarter choice for home appliances. The UL94V-0-rated housing material is offered in either Nylon (PA66) or LCP with a choice of natural or black color.


Minitek® Pwr cabling is predominantly crimp-to-wire, with both plug and receptacle configurations available for housings and terminals.

On the board side, all variants are available in vertical and right angle configurations with terminations in Thru-hole on both wave and reflow, and also Surface Mount and Press Fit.

Specification summary (600V versions)

Pitch 3.00 mm 4.20 mm 5.70 mm
Poles and Rows 2-24 Poles (Dual) 2-24 Poles (Dual) 2-24 Poles (Dual)
2-12 Poles (Single) 3-5 Poles (Single)  
Current (A) (max.) 12 13 28
Voltage (V) (max.) 600 600 600
Operating Temperature -40°C to 105°C -40°C to 105°C -40°C to 120°C
Wire thickness (AWG) 30-16 28-16 16-12
Housing Material LCP and Nylon LCP and Nylon LCP and Nylon
Header Configurations VH/R/A VH/R/A VH/R/A
Header Terminations TH/SMT/Press fit TH TH
Status Available Available Available

Cable Assembly Capabilities

Minitek® Pwr product family supports with value added solutions meeting various customer requirements in the form of Cable assemblies and Pig tails. The value-added solutions are supported as discrete-wire assemblies, molded assemblies, and custom cable assemblies. With the most updated automated tooling and testing facilities, the product family offers quality cost-effective interconnect solutions.







Application Tooling

The Minitek® Pwr product family accepts wire sizes from AWG30 (3mm) to AWG12 (5.7mm). Hand crimping tools are professionally designed for applications in the prototyping phase or small production quantities. These hand tools are designed for Amphenol’s Minitek® Power 3.0, 4.2 and 5.7 series. Product family supports automatic and semi-automatic crimping machines for 3mm and 4.2mm. Automatic machines are offered as either pneumatic or mechanical versions. It also offers easy to use insertion and extraction tools for maintenance activities.

Amphenol’s Minitek® Pwr is designed and curated to be a one-stop destination to all your medium power connection requirements no matter what your industry or application, yet the product family is presented in an arrangement which is simple to select and configure.

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