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ZL38063 Audio Processor Development Kit 1200MHz CPU

Product Description

The development kit for Amazon AVS (ZLK38AVS2) has been specifically designed to provide a platform to integrate Microsemi AcuEdge™ multi-microphone array ASR-Assist technology with Amazon AVS.

The development board interfaces directly to the Raspberry Pi 3 board. The kit contains hardware and software needed to evaluate Microsemi’s ASR-Assist technology with a 1, 2 or 3 microphone array.

The ZLK38AVS2 development kit provides a number of benefits including:

• A platform to integrate Amazon AVS
• Reference code to implement smart speaker functionality
• Developer access to Alexa Skills
• A platform to evaluate Microsemi’s ZL38063
• Optional USB audio port

The key component of the kit is the ZLE38AVS Development board featuring the Timberwolf™ ZL38063 Microphone Array ASR-Assist Audio Processor. The development board also brings out the SPI/I2C and two I2S (TDMA and TDMB) buses to headers, which allows the card to easily be hooked up to a host microcontroller board, such as a Raspberry Pi.


• High Quality Acoustic Echo Canceller for Barge-in and Full Duplex Audio
• Fully configurable and Scalable solution delivering 1, 2 or 3 microphone array for both 180° and 360° audio pick-up
• Supports 360 degrees sound location estimation LED light ring (3 mic array configuration)
• Enhanced Beam Forming technology to enhance audio pick-up in adverse conditions, in presence of noise and outside sound sources
• 2-Way full duplex voice communication
• Turnkey designs available as well as all appropriate drivers and documentation, along with worldwide support

ZLK38AVS2 Development Kit Includes:

• ZLE38AVS development board
• Raspberry Pi3
• 32GB micro SD card
• JBL Clip2 speaker
• USB power supply
• Pillar (Plastics)
• Assembly Hardware
• Documentation

To learn more, view the ZL38063 Product Brief

Also view the User Guide for the ZLK38AVS2


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    Development Kit
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