XR Headset Mount for Leap Motion Controller 2

• Accessory for the Leap Motion Controller 2 hand tracking camera module
• Uniquely flexible design provides a secure fit to the face of the most popular XR headsets
• Provides a downward tilt angle of 15°, maximizing the interaction area in which users hold their hands

Easily add the world’s best hand tracking to your headset with the XR Headset Mount for the Leap Motion Controller 2. The Mount’s uniquely flexible design provides a secure fit to the face of the most popular XR headsets from Pico, HTC, Varjo, Oculus, and more*.
*See Leap Motion Controller 2 product details for supported headset models and compatibility information.

What’s included:
   • XR Headset Mount
   • 22cm, right-angled USB C cable
   • Please note: the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera module is sold separately

Leap Motion Controller 2 available:
The second generation of Ultraleap's iconic hand tracking camera allows you to use your own hands in digital
worlds. The Leap Motion Controller 2 is the ideal hardware to experience Ultraleap's world class hand tracking, bringing 3D interactions to your favourite PC applications and empowering you to ditch the controllers in virtual
reality. It is the most flexible camera ever developed by Ultraleap. Compatible across Windows, Android XR2 and macOS, and complimentary hardware including XR headsets, PCs, and holographic displays.

   • Dimensions: 96.5 mm x 23.5 mm x 20.4 mm
   • Downward Tilt Angle: 15°
   • Material: PA2200 Polyamide 12 (Nylon 12)
   • Mount Adhesive: Reusable Nano Tape
   • USB Cable Spec: Right Angle USB C – USB 3.0, 22 cm length

A datasheet is only available for this product at this time.

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