BournsSD90ABBThermal Cutoffs

Surface Mount Solder Pad Thermal Interface Automotive AEC-Q200

Bourns SD Series Mini Breaker is the first surface mountable overtemperature protector that is AEC-Q200 compliant and certified as a Bourns Automotive Grade product.

The SD Series comes in both automatically resettable (no self-hold internal PTC) and non-automatically resettable (with self-hold internal PTC).

These devices are ideal over temperature protectors for a wide range of automotive, industrial and consumer applications such as film heaters, LEDs, MOSFETs, lithium-ion battery packs, wireless charging coils, etc. The versatility and miniaturized size of these components ensures they can be located close to a wide range of circuits where excess heat can be generated.

A datasheet is only available for this product at this time.

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