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Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount


Res Thick Film 1206 39.2K Ohm 1% 0.25W(1/4W) ±100ppm/°C Pad SMD Automotive T/R


  • EU RoHS
    Not Compliant
  • Resistance Value (Ohm)
    Resistance Value describes the ratio of the potential of an electrical current applied to a given conductor to the current intensity value.
  • Tolerance
    Tolerance describes the deviation from nominal value in percent.
  • Maximum Voltage Rating (V)
    Maximum Voltage Rating describes the maximum value of D.C. voltage or A.C. voltage capable of being applied continuously to a resistor at the rated ambient temperature. Rated Voltage shall be calculated from the following formula. Rated Voltage(V) = {Rated Power(W) * Nominal Resistance()} When the nominal resistance value exceeds the critical resistance value, the rated voltage is limited to the maximum working voltage.
  • Current Sensing
    Current sensing is application based on electronic circuits that monitor the current flow by measuring the voltage drop across a resistor placed in the current path.
  • Power Rating (W)
    0.25 (1/4)
    Power Rating is a measurement of the amount of power that can be used with a specific tool or device.
  • Technology
    Thick Film
    Technology describes the technology type of manufacturing the device.
  • Minimum Operating Temperature (°C)
    Minimum Operating Temperature describes the minimum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)
    Maximum Operating Temperature describes the maximum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
  • Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C)
    Temperature Coefficient describes the rate of change in capacitor value per 1°C in the prescribed temperature within the range of capacitor operating temperature.
  • Temperature Range @ Derated Power (°C)
    70 to 155
    Temperature Range @ Derated Power describes the rate of change in temperature that the power derate from maximum load to zero load.
  • Fail Safe Fusible Resistor
    Fail Safe Fusible Resistor describes if the device contains fuse in order to make fail safe protection.
  • Anti-Surge
    Anti-surge is surge withstanding according to increase in color.
  • Anti-Sulfurated
    Anti-sulfurated is anti- sulfurated refer to strong against sulfuration atmosphere due to using high sulfuration-proof inner top electrode material.
  • Case Size
    Case Size is a code represents standard dimension in EIA standard (inch).
  • Termination Style
    Termination Style describes the shape of pins, leads, terminals or connectors to show the way of its termination to a wire or PCB.
  • Number of Terminals
    Number of Terminals describes number of package pins or device leads.
  • Packaging
    Tape and Reel
    Packaging describes the method of containing/packaging a product for delivery or sales.
  • Package Type
    Package Type describes the package shape of device.
  • Package Shape
    Package Shape describes the shape of the device package.
  • Package/Case
    Package/Case is a combination between package type or size code which defined as a code represents package dimension.
  • Product Length (mm)
    Product Length describes the overall length dimension in the length direction.
  • Product Depth (mm)
    Product Depth describes the overall depth or width dimension in the depth direction.
  • Product Height (mm)
    Product Height describes the overall product height in the height direction.
  • Product Weight (g)
    Product Weight describes the mass or weight of the product.
  • Length Tolerance (mm)
    Length Tolerance describes the deviation in Product Length of the device from the nominal value.
  • Depth Tolerance (mm)
    Depth Tolerance describes the deviation in Product Depth of the device from the nominal value.
  • Height Tolerance (mm)
    Height Tolerance describes the deviation in Product Height of the device from the nominal value.
  • Mounting
    Surface Mount
    Mounting indicates the method of mounting the device.
This is a CRCW120639K2FKTA fixed single surface-mount resistor from Vishay. This durable part has a power rating of 0.25 (1/4) W. This product has a resistance value of 39.2K Ohm. Its temperature coefficient is ±100 ppm/°C. This product will be shipped in tape and reel packaging so that components can be mounted effectively. This device is made with thick film technology. This product is 3.2 mm long, 0.55 mm tall and 1.6 mm deep. This part has an operating temperature of -55 to 155 °C. It has a tolerance of 1%.

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