Samsung Electro-MechanicsCL31Y106KBKVPNECapacitor Ceramic Multilayer

Cap Ceramic 10uF 50V X7S 10% Pad SMD 1206 125°C Automotive T/R

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO) offers a wide range of automotive MLCC for a variety of applications, including safety and infotainment. These MLCC have exceptional electrical characteristics and ensures high credibility. Furthermore, through its soft termination technology, it was designed to absorb external physical stress and prevent the occurrence of short circuits.

The Automotive High Capacitance MLCC Line-up offer values with Capacitance up to 47uF, rated voltages up to 100V and X7S/X7R. The PN Series is AEC-Q200 qualified and offers unique 3mm board flex guarantee. For higher safety class applications PJ series with Soft Termination offers up to 5mm board flex guarantee and is VW80808-2 qualified.



   - Automotive
   - Powertrain - Inverter for Electrification (xEV)
   - ADAS
   - Braking
   - On Board Charger (OBC)
   - Battery Management System (BMS)
   - Industrial

Features and Benefits:

   - AEC-Q200 qualified
   - VW 80808-2 qualified
   - Excellent Electric Characteristics with High Effective Capacitance (up to 100V | 1uF-47uF | X7*)
   - Improved Reliability due to Soft Termination Technology
   - PN Series with ≧ 3mm board flex guarantee

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