Making pest control smart

Creating sustainable pest management practices.

The Semios Solution

In an effort to reduce harmful agricultural pesticide practices, Arrow Electronics and Semios have collaborated on sustainable pest management practices, including a pheromone-based pest control system that uses an insect’s own natural communication methods to prevent damage to fruit crops.

Semios’ machine-to-machine (M2M) solution includes a network of remote nodes deployed across a crop, including pheromone dispensers, camera-enabled pest traps, on-field weather station and other data sensors all wirelessly connected to a central, solar-powered gateway. When activated, the gateway provides raw data to a cloud database, where it is stored, analyzed and provided to farmers on their mobile devices


Intelligence Driven Decisions

With this intelligence in the palms of their hands, farmers can make improved crop management decisions and take immediate action, including the targeted release of pheromones. In field trials, the Semios system demonstrated pest management on par or better than conventional pesticide-based treatments. In addition, it significantly reduced the harmful effects of chemical spraying on soil, air and water.

The two companies continue to work together on the development of additional sustainable, cost-effective turnkey agricultural technologies. “Arrow has proven to be more than just a supplier of electronic components,” said Dr. Michael Gilbert, founder and CEO of Semios. “With their product development expertise and broad logistics network, Arrow is helping Semios deliver our sustainable pest-management solutions to farmers and growers around the world.”