Thank you for joining us at PCIM and SENSOR+TEST 2024! Your visit was instrumental in making this event a success. It was a pleasure connecting with you, sharing innovative ideas, and exploring new business opportunities together. Don’t miss our exclusive interviews with industry experts to relive the experience.

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Experience the power for everything with Arrow at PCIM Europe 2024.

June 11-13 | Nuremberg, Germany | Hall 9 – Booth 638

Arrow Electronics and its partners are at the forefront of enabling full system design and deployment within the Power Segment. With access to a vast range of suppliers, Arrow is capable of covering up to 95% of an application and offers technologies that range from silicon-based components to silicon carbide and GaN.
Arrow’s technology field application engineers offer invaluable advice and guidance on component selection for product development, while solution-specific hardware and software support is readily accessible through our Engineering Services Center (ESC).

At Arrow’s booth, situated in the expansive 110 m² area of hall 9, attendees will engage with several technology FAEs, receiving expert guidance on component selection and encountering the latest power technologies from top manufacturers worldwide. The booth serves as a comprehensive showcase of all core technologies essential for innovative power designs, illustrating Arrow’s commitment to driving advancements in the field.

Arrow Electronics presents the future of sensor technologies at SENSOR+TEST 2024

June 11-13 | Nuremberg, Germany | Hall 1 – Booth 214

Join Arrow electronics at SENSOR+TEST 2024 for an immersive dive into cutting-edge innovations, interactive demonstrations, and the latest advancements in products, technologies, and services.

Visit our booth in hall 1 to witness demos showcasing the latest megatrends, demonstrating the inclusivity of suppliers and partners in enabling full system design and deployment in the Sensor Segment. See firsthand how Arrow, in strategic collaboration with industry leaders, drives successful sensor solutions and designs through unmatched demand creation and rapid design cycle capabilities. Our exhibit will showcase all core technologies essential for pioneering sensor designs, providing a glimpse into the exciting future of sensor technology.

Megatrends 2024

Check out the newest trends in the industry.

Electrification of Everything

Battery management systems (BMS) optimized the performance of batteries used in many applications. Learn how a BMS works and other BMS design considerations.

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Autonomous Machines

AI and robotics will significantly impact humanity’s development in the near future, opening many questions that engineers, designers, and other professionals need to answer.

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Smart Everything

Discover the challenges and the common flaws faced by smart spaces and the crucial role of integrating security from the ground up.

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Energy Management

Experience the cutting-edge trends in smart energy: energy harvesting, storage, and metering. Upgrade to smart energy solutions for a sustainable an intelligent future.

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